Manned Security

As per your needs, we provide the following highly trained and motivated Super Guard professionals anywhere in India...

1. Uniformed Security Guards (unarmed)
2. Uniformed Security Guards (armed)
3. Security Supervisors/Officers (unarmed/armed)
4. Escorts (unarmed/armed/uniformed/plainclothed)

Customised Solutions

Customised Security Solutions

Since security threats are unique, we deliver customised solutions to counter threats that may be unique to you. Our goal is to have you and your property secure, no matter what!

Intelligence & Investigations

Staying within the bounds of Indian Law, we can provide solutions to counter industrial espionage, for employee verifications, investigations, intellectual property rights violation, white-collar crimes, labour unrest, etc.

Event Management & VIP Security

We provide turnkey solutions for event management & security aspects of event management ranging from access control, overall arrangements to VIP security, escorting, etc.

Comprehensive Security Diagnosis

Our senior, experienced security professionals will carry out an assessment of all potential threats affecting you from a 360 degree perspective, suggest an effective security solution for it, and implement it for you within the parameters of your financial budget.